Hyundai i20 coming to Australia

Featuring a new head-turning style, excellent safety dynamics, and versatile interiors, the new Hyundai i20 releasing in later this year definitely outshines its predecessors. Building on its image of cost-effectiveness and reliability, Hyundai enhanced the design, the quality, and the functionality of its i20 model. It sports intelligently configured interiors, new chassis and tuned suspension, fuel-efficient turbo-diesel engines, and the choice of automatic or manual transmission.

Styling and Design
The Hyundai i20 was developed in Russelsheim, Germany to meet the expectations of European consumers. Its looks are appealing and inoffensive; drivers from any age group can drive the Hyundai i20 and still look stylish. Inside the cabin, the Hyundai i20 releasing in late March 2009 is impressive. It has one of the best interiors of all Hyundai cars and it rivals the market leaders in its segment.

Luxury and comfort is evident in any angle. There are four trim levels available for this model including the Classic, the Comfort, the Style, and the Premium. All versions is equipped with climate control, CD and MP3 audio system, integrated data screen, tire pressure monitoring capability, multi-function steering, keyless entry, and adjustable driver’s seat.

Legroom is sufficient at the back while the load bay can carry up to 295-litres of weight. The dash layout looks efficient and the driving position is good. The Comfort version of the Hyundai i20 features multifunction wheels and upholstery panels. Meanwhile, its Style version sports leather seats and metallic trim at the dashboard. The plastics used in the interiors have also improved in quality compared to previous Hyundai models.

Engine and transmission specs and details will be available closer to the cars release.
In Europe, the Hyundai i20 has turbo diesel engines (Euro-IV compliant) as well. The 1.6-litre engine comes in two specifications including the 115PS and the 128PS. The 1.4-litre version also comes in two specifications including the 75PS and the 90PS.

Overall Driving Experience
The Hyundai i20 delivers on agile and seamless driving performance. The automobile was tested to suit Europe’s varied driving environment. It can easily operate in the hot weather of Spain, the high-speed roads of Germany, and the cold climate of Sweden. The company’s handling engineers have ensured that the MacPherson strut and torsion beam suspension meets the taut ride desired by the European market.

As a company known for world-class safety features, the new Hyundai i20 offers both active and passive safety devices. It is fitted with six airbags, ABS anti-lock system, electronic stability control, and electronic brake force distribution (EBD). On the other hand, Hyundai’s extensive use of noise reduction technology, especially for the diesel-powered versions, has resulted to new levels of sophistication and refinement. All these features combined have resulted to a truly amazing car: the Hyundai i20.


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