Hyundai iLoad and iMax 4 star ANCAP crash safety rating

ANCAP is pleased to announce that both the iMax and iLoad have been awarded a 4-star safety rating by ANCAP.

Hyundai has taken the decision to actively raise the safety bar for its fleet and has been working with ANCAP in a bid to ensure safety is built in and the vehicles incorporate the latest safety features.

Now iMax and iLoad owners have even more of a reason for giving themselves a pat on the back for having made the right choice.  In recent ANCAP tests, both vehicles (from March 2009-build onwards) scored a four-star occupant safety rating.

 With the semi-bonneted design – there is more ‘real estate’ to engineer in crumple zones – affords occupants much greater protection than is possible with straight forward control (cab-over) style vans, it’s great to see Hyundai’s conviction vindicated by ANCAP’s rigorous and independent test regimes.

Customer feedback suggests that there are a number of reasons for the popularity of the two vehicles.  The fact that they get all the power and torque they want from the 2.5 litre Common Rail Direct injection turbo Diesel, while not missing out on fuel efficiency is one reason why. The 2.4 litre petrol engine is also very frugal – something that’s very important nowadays.  Other reasons for ownership pleasure and satisfaction include the payload capacity – up to 1132kg – and Hyundai’s five year warranty.

At Peter Warren Hyundai, we are proud to be associated with one of the innovators of the industry. For more information on either of these vehicles, click here for iLoad and iMax.


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