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Fiesta ECOnetic


The new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is the vivid representation of everything modern and inspirational in the automotive industry today. If you’ve ever been impressed by haute couture art, then you’re bound to love ground-breaking technology and design integrated within the new Fiesta. From its dynamic exterior to sophisticated interior, Ford Fiesta showcases technology at its best.

The Fiesta is an environmentally-advanced vehicle shows that delivering ultra-low CO2 emissions while maintaining a high level of comfort is possible. It provided a glimpse of what interested car buyers can expect from Ford in terms of its commitment to sustained fuel-efficiency.

Ford’s Fiesta ECOnetic model will helps consumers get a stylish and fuel-efficient that emits very low level of CO2. It meets the standards of today’s modern environment. Even the most discriminating car buyer will be awed by the clever combination of style and substance in the new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic.

Every single line of detail found on the car synchronizes perfectly. The functionality beneath all that exterior style is equally notable. The Ford Fiesta also boasts of the latest innovations in green and sustainable technology. At the heart of the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is the 1.6-litre four-cylinder TDCi turbo-diesel engine. Rated as the equivalent of 3.7L/100km, and its incredibly low CO2 emissions at 98g/km.

As if that’s not enough, the driving quality of this car remains excellent because the TDCi engine is able to produce 66kW of power and 200 Nm of torque. And the torque is where it is at. It enables the Fiesta to perform very well.
And to maximize the fuel-efficiency of the car, Ford engineers conducted enhancement, modifications, and improvements on the standard Fiesta. For example, the suspension has been lowered and rear air deflectors were placed. In addition, the car model uses low resistance tyres that are low-rolling as well.

The impressive reduction in fuel-usage was made possible through the following:
• Specifically-Calibrated Duratorq TDCi diesel engine
• Low viscosity engine and transmission oils (in partnership with BP)
• Longer final drive gear ratio
• Improved aerodynamics
• Weight reduction
• The addition of green shift indicator

Although the current range of imported models are already highly competitive in terms of CO2 emissions, more and more car buyers are seeking the lowest possible vehicle emissions as a key to ‘why buy’.” Indeed, there might be a lot fuel-efficient car models but it is already quite apparent that the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic will be the star with its 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi engine and coated Diesel Particulate Filter (cDPF).

With all these features, the New Ford Fiesta is being promoted as the attractive and affordable solution to car buyers who prioritise low emission performance. The favourable fuel-consumption demonstrates Ford’s continual dedication to bringing the best alternatives to the environmentally concious buyer.